Hoover Band Booster Meeting Minutes                                  April 4, 2022

Present: Mr. Rowley, Avery Nicole Rowley, Sharon Fife (President), Luke Fife, Amanda Swangel (Treasurer), Jillea Bueso (Vice President), Mary Uhl, John King, Jim Novak, Alan Johnson (Secretary), Josie Johnson

JAZZFEST – Jazzfest went great!  Good remarks regarding our students.  We hosted 46 bands throughout the day.  Concessions generated $7135 after expenses.

Areas of improvement:

  • More training and adult help – will need to start recruiting earlier in the school year so there is enough help.
  • Better signage for the South/Meredith area
  • Use tape to direct where to go
  • Recruit Meredith parents to volunteer
  • Need more 2 XL shirts for next year as ran out

VENDING MACHINE – Mr. Rowley proposed to install a vending machine that would dispense instrument assessories (reids, valve oil, etc.) at discounted price than what is sold in music stores.  The machine will be in the band room but could be moved to a more public area during Jazzfest.  The cost for the machine would be between $1200-$1800.  A motion was passed to let Mr. Rowley purchase the vending machine with a credit card reader.

DISNEY TRIP – Disney Trip will be through Group Travel Planners and have an online payment system set up.  Cost of the trip will be between $1400 -$1600 per student.  There will be a $300 deposit required to secure your place on the Trip.

VIBES – Motion approved to give Mr. Rowley discretionary funds of up to $8000 to purchase one set of vibes.

EQUIPMENT – Mr. Rowley requested $550 to purchase reids, oil, mouthpieces for barrisax.  Motion was approved to allocate Mr. Rowley the funds.

BUTTONS – working on making buttons for parents to wear at performances for concert and jazz band concerts.


  • April 25th – State Solo Ensemble for brass at 6pm @Lincoln High School
  • April 28th – State Sole Ensemble for woods at 6pm @ Lincoln High School
  • May 4th – Hoover Spring Concert
  • May 11th – Jazz Band performs at Noce at 6pm (tickets are $10)
  • May 14th – Car Wash at Hoover from 10 AM – 2 PM
  • ???? – Student Lock in