Des Moines Public Schools Band Guidelines


  • Students enrolled in the band program are expected to display exemplary behavior at all times.  At every performance as a band member, you represent your family, your school, the Des Moines Public Schools, and Des Moines, IA.  Your actions shall prove that the bands in Des Moines are a class act in every way.
  • Students will be expected to meet the responsibilities for each band class as listed in the preface of this Handbook.  Since band is an academic music class with some extra-curricular activities attached, the band student’s grade will reflect achievement in both curricular and extracurricular areas.
  • Our goal as a staff is to make sure that all students are treated fairly.  Please call your band director is you have any concerns.  We will work with you to resolve problems.  We are here to provide a quality music education for all our students.