Des Moines Public Schools Band Guidelines


  • All high school music organizations and some middle school organizations levy fees to cover expenses of uniform upkeep, additional equipment, school-owned instrument usage fees, repairs, supplies and other program operation expenses not covered in the regular music or school budget.  These fees are non-refundable if the student chooses to exit the program.
  • All monies raised during fundraising activities belong to the organization’s general fund.  There are no refunds granted from fundraising monies.
  • If a high school or middle school band student withdraws from an organization or fails academically and is unable to participate in the organization, any money earned through fundraisers will remain in the organization’s general fund.  Any money over and above the costs of the “operating fee” and trip costs will remain in the organization’s general fund.
  • All fundraising activities must be approved by the school administration.
  • All funds raised must be deposited with and accounted for through each area Booster Club or an account designated in the school.
  • Middle school fundraising activities are to be group efforts, which go into a group account to support group activities.  Students fundraise for activities that support their programs and for additional equipment.  An integral part of fundraising is the spirit and unity that comes as a result of the group effort.
  • A DMPS instrument usage fee, a school uniform fee of individual competition entry fee may be charged.
  • Instrument purchase / rental: Individual instruments are the responsibility of the student / parent, and may be purchased or rented.  A limited number of district-owned instruments may be available for an annual usage fee.
  • Financial assistance may be available for students who need help meeting required maintenance fees and other expenses related to this activity.  Consult Mr. Novak for more information if this can apply to your band program.