Des Moines Public Schools Band Guidelines

Personal Instruments

  • A quality program requires quality musical instruments.  Students are encouraged to purchase a higher quality musical instrument as they move through the band program.  A list of recommended instruments is available here, and if you desire to purchase an instrument, Mr. Novak will be happy to consult with you and the seller to make sure you are purchasing a quality instrument at a fair price.
  • With all personal instruments, it is strongly recommended that the instrument be insured through a parent’s homeowner’s policy or a private company.  The school district will not assume liability for maintenance, repair, or damage of personal instruments on school property.

School-Owned Instruments

  • The Des Moines Public Schools has a limited supply of instruments for students to use.
  • The usage fee for school-owned instruments is $50.00 per year.  The student in most cases is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment while in their possession.
  • All students must provide their own personal accessories such as reeds, oils, drumsticks, mallets, etc.  In some cases, the student would be required to supply their own mouthpiece for wind instruments.  The student will be responsible for repair costs in the event that an instrument is damaged.  The instrument will be inspected at the end of the year for damage and the student must pay for any needed repairs.  Students using school-owned instruments are strongly encouraged to take private lessons on their instrument.