Des Moines Public Schools Band Guidelines


  • Be seated with instrument, music, pencil and supplies at the start of class.
  • Demonstrate proper rehearsal etiquette at all times – study your part quietly while the director works with another section.
  • Remain on task at all times; remain silent and contribute to the focus of a rehearsal.
  • Leave your instrument cases under your chair during rehearsal and your backpacks in designated areas.
  • If your school provides band lockers, keep them locked at all times.
  • Do not leave wallets, purses, or valuables unlocked anywhere in the band area.
  • No food, gum, or drink is allowed in the band area at any time. We all take pride in keeping our band area clean and organized. Water is acceptable. Any exceptions will be provided by your band director.
  • All instruments remain in cases with latches closed inside your assigned locker / area when not in use.
  • If provided, instrument lockers shall remain clean. Instruments, music and music accessories only may be stored in instrument lockers. Lock your locker.
  • If provided, instrument lockers will not have food or clothing left in them. Any such items will be disposed of without further warning.
  • Disorderly behavior and abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • Please be considerate of directors’ requests for assistance and/or performance of little tasks around the band area.
  • All students will adhere to the school’s Student Code of Conduct Handbook.


  • Any organization that has high performance standards must also have high behavioral standards. The basic behavioral guidelines for students in music activities are taken from the Des Moines Student Code of Conduct Handbook. With approval, directors and coaches of some activities may develop and enforce standards of behavior that are higher than the District-developed Student Code of Conduct.